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The Loneliest Cone

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In the far south west corner of Colorado lies Lone Cone. In a state of enormous peaks and expansive ranges, Lone Cone sits as a solitary volcanic corpse, surrounded by spanning farmland that dissolves into the parched deserts of Utah. Conversely known as The Devil’s Armchair, Lone Cone is perhaps the most accurately named mountain in the state (along with Mount Massive). When I climbed the peak in the late summer of 2006 for my book Best Summit Hikes in Colorado, I was especially looking forward to hiking Lone Cone….

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Spring Checklist

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Riding one of the fun rocky sections at Lunch Loops in Grand Junction. As I write this, a looming storm is swirling over Boulder, threatening to drop between 6-14 inches of snow — in May! Granted, most of these late spring storms tend to be more rain than anything else, but who knows? A final burst of winter is fine with me. I love a nice grey, rainy, sleety day to start lining up adventures for the upcoming months. It looks like 2010 is shaping up to be the year…

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Rush @ Red Rocks + More

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Look in the middle– dogs playing poker! ‘Tis an exciting day indeed, as Rush is coming back to Colorado and I have tickets for the Red Rocks show on August 16th! Corny as it sounds, I’ve never really known life without Rush. They were making music before I was born (including their breakthrough album 2112 that was released in 1976, which was also a breakthrough year for me as well). And while they fell off the major music radar in the late 80’s they’ve consistently been putting out quality music up until…

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A Weighty Issue

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The big news is that Wilderness Press is now running the second print of my book (woo-hoo!) I’m excited to see it in print. Awesomeness. On a related note, I present this tale: On the same day I sent in my corrections for the second edition, I got an interesting email from an angry “fan” of my book. The gist of the whole message was that: 1) – The person writing the email was overweight. 2) – My book isn’t “fair” because the hikes are too hard for fat people…

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The Year to Come…

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Oh what to say about 2010, other then everytime I hear I’m reminded of the Bad Religion song 10 in 2010. I was going to say something about having 10 years under my belt in Colorado I’d be looking for new goals, then I realized the phrase “under my belt” is kind of weird. It’s not like it’s a place that accumulates stuff, nor is it the final resting place for much other than pants and even then, the actual suspension of legwear is ephemeral at best. Certainly the phrase doesn’t intend juvenile…

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Move It on Over

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*Whew* it has been a busy week to say the least! After a bit of searching and scrambling, I’ve vacated the familiar digs of Aspen Grove and gone west to Wonderland Lake. It’s wild to think I was in the Aspen Grove area for almost 10 years and a lot has changed in that time. But the Wonderland Lake area has good energy and it’s a new setting for me, Xanadu, Fremont and the oft-forgotten memeber of my family, Plant the plant. Due to the kind of odd circumstances of…

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Bikes, bikes, bikes!

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Closing in on the end of 2009, I’m rather pleased with my biking journal. I was able to get in over 50 days on the mountain bike (a little less than I wanted but still good) and over 200 total days with my bike commutes and road rides. I lost a little bit of ride time from our abnormally wet summer and Talus’ sickness in the spring, but overall I got in a good deal of two wheel time — and there’s still a month left for rides out west!…

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Change of Scenery

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For those not in the loop, the big(ish) news is that I’ll be moving on December 1st! After a nearly 10-year run at Aspen Grove (in two different units) I’ll be going west to a sweet stand-alone townhouse right near Wonderland Lake. Awesome, quiet location, very nice place and tons and tons of sunlight! It’s got a nice fenced in porch for the critters and I am literally a 30 second walk to the trails by Wonderland Lake. It’s a little pricey, but with all the writing projects I have…

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Life Update Post: What Hump day?

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve used my humble blog as a forum for some actual personal recollections. I had a good day today. As I write this, my dark room is lit by the soft glow of a low-watt lamp. Fremont is contentedly chewing away on his busy bone, Xanadu is half asleep on the desk in front of my monitor and with all apologies to Robert Frost, I have miles to write before I sleep. A mix of good writing music is playing in the background, right…

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Socially Unaware–And Pupdates Coming Soon

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First of all– YES I have my new puppy and have taken TONS of photos — I will have a complete gallery and posting up soon, I promise! In the meantime, let me introduce to the world Fremont Tanky Boy Dziezynski! This sweet little guy was born in Wyoming and was thus dubbed with the named Fremont after Fremont Peak, one of the first technical mountains I climbed on my NOLS course in 1998 (my first time to Wyoming). In turn, the peak was named after John C. Fremont, a…

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