Garfield is Dead, Koo Koo Kajoo

Betwixt Pat Whittle and me, there is a bizarre admiration and frighteningly accurate recall of old Garfield comics. As you know if you’ve read a newspaper in the last 20 years, nowadays Garfield stinks. For some reason, I was thinking about the crazy “Garfield is Dead” comics series from almost 21 years ago – check out the link for a truly disturbing (and true) Garfield sequence.

It’s weird to see the normally toothless Garfield go into a kind of edgy, intense episode. Many speculate it was the last series of strips Jim Davis wrote before handing the comic off to a giant company that mass produces the Garfield line. Even if, as he says, it addresses the issue of animal abandonment, it’s still pretty tense.

Well, either way you can still enjoy even bad Garfield cartoons at Garfield Minus Garfield’s website.

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