This blog has been a little quiet lately. I haven’t had time to write because I’ve been spending all my time writing. It’s a good problem to have.

Most of the work has been split between my editorial work over at RootsRated (a great outdoors adventure resource) and the creation of my new Colorado summit hikes guide. It’s gotten especially hectic this month thanks to the bizarre and persistent rain that stymied a good month and a half of the typical Colorado hiking season. The accompanying thunderstorms and slow snow melt meant I had to wait to get accurate GPS tracks and decent photography until July.

The relatively good news is that this book has been in the works for a good three years now, so the downtime simply translated into more writing and map-making. I have 8 remaining hikes to knock off this summer, then a few months to wrap up the whole project. The whole process is a heck of a lot of fun; it’s a shame guidebook authors aren’t making seven-figure salaries.

There’s also been a lot of life events afoot, some good, some bad, some heartbreaking. But rather than delve into that, I figured I’d share a little sneak peak of some of the mountains I’ve been exploring for the new guide book! Enjoy — and more updates coming soon!

Watrous Gulch

Fremont on the summit of UN 12,805 out of Watrous Gulch.

Williams Fork Mountains Colorado

Mystic gazing upon his kingdom from high in the Williams Fork Mountains.

An interesting spot on the class 3 traverse on Coon Hill.

An interesting spot on the class 3 traverse on Coon Hill.

Atlantic Peak Colorado

The fun ridge on Atlantic Peak.

Pacific Peak Colorado

Summit of Pacific Peak as seen from the 3rd class west ridge.

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