The first half of the summer of 2010 has been a special treat for me – for the first time in this millennium, I was able to get my family to visit Colorado from their New England strongholds. It’s been a blast showing them some of my favorite places and revisiting many mountain adventures. Added into the mix is my 10-month-old border collie puppy Fremont, who is now strong enough to join me in the hills. Fremont already has climbed to the highest mountain in Colorado and has not one but two state highpoints (Missouri and Colorado). Not bad for a pup!

Fremont the border collie at Bison Peak, Colorado

Fremont gazes out at Bison Peak.

Now that the vacation fun is over, it’s time for me to hit up new and unexplored terrain. I have several summer projects ready to roll including a traverse of big Sawatch Peaks, a highpoints trip up north to Idaho and Montana and of course the aforementioned Farmaggeddon (however you/I spell it). Also in the mix is the Blue River Century 100 mile bike ride, a single day ride through White Rim in Canyonlands and more puppy adventures. And last but not least, there’s the possibility of not one but two new books on the horizon. REI book show updates and the Rush concert at Red Rocks round out a busy but awesome second half of the summer of 2010!

Amy at Loveland Pass

My sister Amy scales Loveland Pass.


skywalker couloir indian peaks colorado

Sheila scales Skywalker Couloir in the Indian Peaks.


Mount Ida Rocky Mountain National Park

Myself, David and John on the windy summit of Mount Ida.


border collie mount elbert

Fremont and me on the summit of Mount Elbert, his first 14er and his second state highpoint!

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