Cloud City Cabin, Boulder Colorado

A Cabin in the Woods

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The sequence of events that added up to Sheila and I owning our cabin and land would be nearly impossible to reproduce; therefore the question, “How were you guys able to find that land?” would require a long, convoluted answer. The short answer is something like this: Mountain land values went down after the 2013 floods; our site wasn’t affected but did drop in price a few hundred thousand  dollars. Sheila was able to convince me to get off my butt and look at the land when she first saw…

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Ye olde Hobart machine

Last of the Dish Dogs

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I still remember the conversation between the five of us like it was yesterday. Rob, Mike and myself were dish dogs — the fast-moving crew who cleaned and organized the plates, glasses and silverware at Glenbrook Country Club. Jeff was an enlightened soul disguised as a waiter, slightly older than us, the only member of the waitstaff who regularly took time to converse with the grunts. Bill was the middle-aged night manager, a quiet, intense guy we all rather liked and the closest thing to a real adult in the…

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Mystic and fremont colorado border collies

Writes of Passage

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This blog has been a little quiet lately. I haven’t had time to write because I’ve been spending all my time writing. It’s a good problem to have. Most of the work has been split between my editorial work over at RootsRated (a great outdoors adventure resource) and the creation of my new Colorado summit hikes guide. It’s gotten especially hectic this month thanks to the bizarre and persistent rain that stymied a good month and a half of the typical Colorado hiking season. The accompanying thunderstorms and slow snow…

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Fremont Border Collie Colorado

The Dog Ratio Applied

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As the owner of two enthusiastic border collies, it’s extra important that they get out on big adventures on a regular basis. Thus, I have created what I call the “dog ratio” — the number of activities I do with them before I can enjoy a day out without them. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could take them everywhere but certain activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking and mountaineering are not always dog friendly.Thus I follow this ratio as a golden rule: for every 3 outings with…

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Bard Creek Trail Colorado

Colorado’s Ghost Trails

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A long-forgotten hiking trail became the catalyst for my new book project. The as-of-yet unnamed guidebook looks at the excellent mountain hikes that are close to the I-70 corridor between Denver and Vail. Its inspiration was a faint but well-defined trail that etherealized in the forests at the foot of Bard Peak. In the past five years, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the area east of Herman Gulch (Watrous Gulch / Bard Creek Trail). While the peaks such as Mount Parnassus and Wood Mountain are the stars of…

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SNES and the Secret S-Video

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In the past few years I’ve  enjoyed  repairing and restoring Super Nintendo (SNES) consoles. The SNES was released in the U.S. in 1991 and represented a major upgrade from the well-known Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This leap in technology represented the first time that home video games were truly on par with arcade machines. One of the interesting quirks about the venerable console was a “secret” feature built into the visual processor: the SNES is able to output in high-resolution S-Video! Why is this significant? S-Video (Separate Video) actually has…

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Ninja Gaiden 3 NES

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (NES)

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As an homage to my cousin Marc’s Games I Beat in 2014 blog, from time to time I’ll be adding some of the games I’ve played through in 2015 right here at Mountainous Words. What do you get when you combine sweet, sweet ninja action, an incomprehensible plot and legions of bloodthirsty birds? Ninja Gaiden of course! While the first two games of the iconic series bask in the glow of NES fueled nostalgia, the third and final 8-bit entry in the series is by far the least understood and…

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Mammoth Reservoir Winter

Bob’s Creepy Cabin via Nebraska Hill

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To get the most out of an adventure, it’s sometimes best to forego exhaustive research and simply head into the unknown. This philosophy has applied to my current quest to summit Nebraska Hill, an 11,534 ft. peak that registers on exactly nobody’s radar when it comes to Colorado’s mountains. It’s an easy enough peak to reach in the summer: simply drive up a 4×4 road, park, get out and walk over a flat plateau to its non-descript summit. In the winter however, it’s a trickier nut to crack. I recruited…

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Lone Cone Colorado

Suicide & the Lone Cone Diaries

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Lone Cone is an obscure, 12,618 ft. mountain in the remote southwest corner of Colorado. Its crumbling facade rises from the earth where forests begin their subtle transformation into desert. From Lone Cone’s summit, one can witness tracts of farmland dehydrating into brown and yellow scrubland to the west, a lonely expanse where snow-streaked mountains bookend the horizon. Its suggestive nomenclature has contributed to a sense of raw loneliness I have unexpectedly felt on the mountain. Or maybe it’s the words in the battered journal. Because so few people visit…

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Wichita State UNiversity plane crash by James Dziezynski

Wichita State Plane Wreck & Mount Bethel – Dry Gulch

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Distance to Plane Wreck: 1.2 miles; 600 vertical feet Distance to Mount Bethel / Snow Fences: 2.9 miles / 2,280 vertical feet  Over the years, I’ve visited quite a few plane wreck sites in Colorado. None may be as fascinating or sobering as the wreckage of the 1970 Wichita State University crash. As the crow flies, the debris field is less 0.2 miles from I-70. The hike along an unmarked (but easy to find) trail is about a mile and the area is still densely littered with twisted metal. Because…

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The 8-Bit Muse

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It is well-documented though rarely mentioned that Thoreau’s “isolated” cabin in Walden was only about a mile from town — a short enough walk for his elderly mother to regularly bring him fresh cookies. The myth of seclusion fits so neatly with the ideas in his writings that it’s easy to overlook the fact he was a 15 minute walk from civilization. I bring this up because at age 38, I’m working as a professional writer — have been now for almost 20 years. Like most writers, I have my…

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Sawtooth ridge traverse

Sawtooth Ridge Traverse – Colorado

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It’s surprising that in all my years in Colorado, I hadn’t gotten around to doing the Sawtooth Traverse. This classic route is a class 3 scramble between the 14,060 ft. summit of Mount Bierstadt and the far west shoulder of 14,264 ft. Mount Evans. The Sawtooth is usually climbed south to north, starting at Mount Bierstadt. The exit from the Sawtooth offers several options: traverse 1.2 miles over Mount Evans (and its sub-peak, 14,256 ft. West Evans), hike 0.7 miles to the 13,842 ft. top of Mount Spaulding or simply…

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