The 8-Bit Muse

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It is well-documented though rarely mentioned that Thoreau’s “isolated” cabin in Walden was only about a mile from town — a short enough walk for his elderly mother to regularly bring him fresh cookies. The myth of seclusion fits so neatly with the ideas in his writings that it’s easy to overlook the fact he was a 15 minute walk from civilization. I bring this up because at age 38, I’m working as a professional writer — have been now for almost 20 years. Like most writers, I have my…

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Sawtooth ridge traverse

Sawtooth Ridge Traverse – Colorado

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It’s surprising that in all my years in Colorado, I hadn’t gotten around to doing the Sawtooth Traverse. This classic route is a class 3 scramble between the 14,060 ft. summit of Mount Bierstadt and the far west shoulder of 14,264 ft. Mount Evans. The Sawtooth is usually climbed south to north, starting at Mount Bierstadt. The exit from the Sawtooth offers several options: traverse 1.2 miles over Mount Evans (and its sub-peak, 14,256 ft. West Evans), hike 0.7 miles to the 13,842 ft. top of Mount Spaulding or simply…

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Rosalie Peak Colorado front range

Rosalie Peak via Tanglewood Creek

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13,575 ft. Rosalie Peak doesn’t see a lot of visitors, which is somewhat surprising considering its proximity to Denver (about an hour’s drive). As 13ers go, its a straightforward class 2 mountain. Summitpost.org has this to say about the peak: Rosalie Peak, the 207th highest peak in Colorado, is the southernmost thirteener in the Mount Evans Wilderness. When viewed from Denver, it’s the rounded summit on the left end of the Evans Massif. It is named for Rosalie Bierstadt, wife of the famous painter of Western landscapes, Alfred Bierstadt. Originally,…

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BAld Mountain summit

Bald Mountain via Boreas Pass from Breckenridge

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There are 27 mountains in Colorado bearing the official name “Bald Mountain”; the 13,684 ft. one is their king. As the highest of the Balds, its also likely the baldest — when hiked from Boreas Pass, there is only a smattering of trees before breaking into alpine tundra. Despite easy trailhead access and proximity to Breckenridge, not many people visit its lofty summit — which is a shame, because the views are among the best I’ve seen in Colorado. Maybe it’s the mundane and uninspiring name that keeps people from…

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Silver PLume Mountain

Silver Plume Mountain via 730 Mine Trail

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Directions to 730 Mine Trailhead: From I-70, take exit 226 to Silver Plume. Since most people will be coming from Denver on west bound I-70, I’ll give the directions from that point of view (it’s easy enough to apply them to the east bound exit). At the end of the exit ramp take a right towards main street. Note that the paved road you see immediately off the exit is NOT Main Street! Go down a block on this road to the intersection with Main Street, a dirt road. Take a…

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What views!

Republican Mountain & Sherman Mountain – Colorado Trip Report

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Ever since Fremont and I climbed Bard Peak as part of our Watrous Gulch adventure, I’ve had my eye on seldom-visited Republican Mountain. Republican is one of a trio of lower elevation summits southeast from the small town of Empire, Colorado (the others being 12,287 ft. Sherman Mountain and 12,477 ft. Silver Plume Mountain). There wasn’t much information on hiking this peak, which meant it was either a lousy summit or people just didn’t go there. Luckily, it turns out Republican is a fine hike and a worthy “secret” summit. The approach…

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Argentine Peak Colorado

Cheers to the Unknown Mountain

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One of the great things about Colorado’s mountains are the sheer volume of peaks. Beyond the well known collection of 14,000 ft. summits (and a few glamourous 13,000 ft. peaks) wait some of the most wonderful places in the Rockies, wild places where isolation and sheer anonymity translate into unique and adventurous experiences. Many of these peaks are nameless, marked by the somewhat ironic UN (unnamed) designation on maps, or else defined merely by their topography. What I find most inviting about these places is the unknown emotion they will…

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Long live Zeb.

The Most Beautiful Room in the World

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Before it was the most beautiful room in the world, it was a small home office, fashionable and classically designed. Tasteful artwork adorned the walls. Clean, pastel colors gave off a moody, early-dawn feeling when the sun would shine through the generous window. This window looked out upon a modest neighborhood. In the distant corners of the world it framed, one could see far-off mountain tops. And before it became the most beautiful room in the world, the large, unspecified leafy tree beyond the glass would filter the afternoon light…

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Japanese Sumo

Be Strong, Get Stronger Part 1

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A few months ago, I picked three activities that I wanted to improve upon in the New Year. With all that is going on in day-to-day life, it’s far too easy to let certain interests go stale. Thus, I made the conscious decision to elevate my skills in a few of my pastimes. I was curious to see which ones would be the most work, the most fun and potentially the most rewarding. Here were my criteria. I needed to select one activity from each category: Something I was naturally…

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Japanese Dragon

Lingering Dragons

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Though I’m now three months removed from my adventures in Japan, there are still so many moments and memories that swirl around in my mind. Stepping into another culture is one of the most profound ways to expand your beliefs and hopefully, take in a little bit of what you’ve experienced to better yourself. There is an incredible sense of pride in Japan, but it is expressed quietly. To the foreigner’s eye, it manifests itself in clean cities, polite citizens and diligent workers. It was an eye-opening contrast to America’s…

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Twitter bird is sad

Heavy is the Burden of Social Media

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It is odd that I’ve spent the last seven years working in an industry that didn’t even exist when I was in college. I’ve become an expert in SEO and search engine technology, served as the online editor for several magazines/companies and done barrels of projects involving social media. I pine for a simpler time of print magazines and phone calls, sort of, but technology evolves and thus so must I. I do like the concept of being connected and not just in a professional manner. While there have been countless articles bemoaning the narcissistic elements…

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NES Advatantage Controller

Retrobright Restoration Project

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“I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield (Warning: there’s some real chemistry here, so make sure to use the appropriate protection when goofing around with potentially dangerous recipes you find on the Internet. Or in other words, if you go blind trying to shine up your Sega Dreamcast, it’s your own fault!) If you mention to people you’re using open source chemistry found on the Internet, most will (rightly) assume you’ve opened up your own meth lab….

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